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Here are three of the more well-known options:. Share Pin Email.

Part 2: View Android Text Messages on PC with Android App

Scott Orgera has been a tech journalist since Updated September 27, Open the Google app. In the bottom right corner, tap More. On the menu, tap Settings. Tap the Access with Voice Match toggle switch to On. It reads aloud those you approve.

How to View Text Messages on Computer from Android Phone

After each message is read, you're given the option to send a reply using your voice. This series provides practical guidance to state officials and others on creating and sustaining user-centered services in the social safety net. As state and county health and human services agencies seek to modernize and improve communications with their clients, many are considering text messaging to supplement existing means of communication.

Text messages are commonly used, can reach clients more quickly than traditional mail, and can notify clients of interview times, remind them about needed verification documents, and even collect information. Done well, text messaging can enhance existing forms of communication and improve the delivery of critical safety net programs.

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To take full advantage of this communication channel, agencies would do well to identify effective uses for text messages, obtain opt-ins from clients, and navigate privacy and security concerns. Health and human services agencies correspond with clients to provide interview times, request documents to verify eligibility, and send notices of changes or other actions concerning their benefits.

Traditionally, they do so via the postal service, but traditional mail takes multiple days in transit and may never reach the client due to inaccurate addresses or unreliable mailboxes.

Low-income families increasingly rely on cell phones for communication. In the context of safety net programs, text messaging provides a means to quickly notify clients about important information about their benefits or direct them to take action in an online account. While it is best used in addition to, rather than as a replacement for, traditional means of communication, it can shorten response times and increase the likelihood that clients receive critical information.

Agencies may wish to use text messaging for one-way communication — that is, sending information to the client without expecting a reply. This approach is most effective for short messages giving clients critical information or notifying them that action is required, such as:.

Code for America conducted user research with clients of various benefit programs that confirms client interest in using text messaging to communicate with agencies. The majority of clients in one state said they would opt in to receive text message reminders.

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In general, clients wanted text messages at critical points in their case, including appointment reminders with specific details and confirmation that they had submitted the proper verification documents. Health and human service agencies likely have varying degrees of experience with customer-facing digital tools such as texting platforms; by working carefully with potential vendors, involving staff and clients in planning and implementation, and assessing results, agencies can use texting effectively to improve communication between caseworkers and clients.

What is Mass Texting?

While primarily designed for agencies considering using customer-facing digital tools in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children WIC , much of it is also relevant to other programs. The guide, which includes a checklist for drafting a request for proposals, can help agencies: evaluate the important choices to consider before purchasing digital tools; develop questions to discuss within the agency and with potential vendors; look for key features to ensure that digital tools are user-friendly for clients; incorporate digital tools into program operations; utilize data to improve digital tools over time; and communicate to vendors the types of functionality and tools that would help clients.

Agencies may also wish to use text messaging for two-way communication with clients, allowing the agency to both send and receive information.

How to Read Android Text Messages on Computer?

Agencies could use this for gathering information from a client or for a conversation between a caseworker and client. Scott Orgera has been a tech journalist since Open the Google app.

Follow the on-screen prompts to enable voice detection from within the Google app. Examples of commands OK Google responds to:. You are also given the option to reply using nothing but your voice.

How to View and Send SMS Text Messages on Your Computer

You'll then be prompted for the name of the person you'd like to text as well as the message verbiage. It's that simple and it's all completely hands-free. Show me my last message : Brings your most recent conversation into focus. ReadItToMe : Reads your incoming messages aloud and even translates them to proper English, if need be, which can be very helpful when you receive texts rife with spelling errors or shorthand.