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IOS monitoring wasn't easy as it is now with invisible cellular phone trackers. We have exclusively clubbed inside the list of the highest most.

For the on-premise version, you can request a quote from the vendor. This employee management software allows business owners, HR staff, and managers to keep track of employees within the workplace as well as those who are in the field and remote offices. This is also useful to freelancers and other remote-based professionals, especially those who work on flexible hours as they no longer have to manually record and submit work time reports.

Developed by NCH Software, FlexiServer covers automation of attendance tracking, vacation, and sick leave management, as well as computer usage monitoring for quality control and security or legal compliance. Unlike other activity monitoring applications, FlexiServer allows employees to work in private mode whenever necessary. While entering private mode disables live monitoring, the history of activities will still be recorded and generated for reference. Aside from employee monitoring, FlexiServer enables you to use reports for job costing as well as link attendance and work hours records to your payroll software.

In an array of project management applications for software developers, Pivotal Tracker claims to have its unique way of accomplishing projects — with stories. As the project progresses and the story moves down the workflow, the tracker automatically adjusts to the pace of the team as well as changes timeline and course based on circumstances, which means your team remains efficient, productive, and on top of the project even when something unexpected happens.

A monitoring application that encourages practical agile software development process as well as generates charts and reports analytics, Pivotal Tracker integrates with leading applications, such as GitHub, Jira, Zendesk, Zapier, Slack, and more.

Pricing is based on the number of collaborators within a team, the number of projects, and storage capacity. Pivotal Tracker is completely free for public projects, academics, nonprofits, as well as for teams of up to 3 members with a maximum of 2 private projects and 2GB of storage. You can set popup notifications to remind everyone on your team of their priorities and redirect their focus back to the tasks at hand, especially when the time spent on a specific application or website is longer than necessary. RescueTime Lite, however, is free for individual use. Active Collab is both a project management tool and a collaboration tool that places all your work in a single workspace.

You can accurately get time estimates by measuring how much time is spent on each task by your team, and use this time-tracking feature to identify which teammates need help in improving their productivity. This plan also allows you access to its client management feature, budget vs.

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Monitask is an online productivity and time tracking solution intended to help organizations manage and monitor their remote employees. It has capabilities and tools to log time, take random screenshots, track app usage, and report on employee internet activity.

Remote employee monitoring with AeroAdmin

All these make it easy for companies to monitor the time spent by employees on work and for employees to improve efficiency. Through Monitask, managers can check the apps that freelancers or employees use, view reports on the length of time an app is used, and determine the best apps that can be used by the workforce instead of sticking with solutions that impede productivity. The software can analyze employee performance and generate statistics to give you a clear picture of how your team members are progressing with their tasks.

Information from the time tracking and reporting function can be used to quickly make accurate billing and invoices. Monitask goes beyond its core time tracking functions, offering project management capabilities — from creating projects, assigning project tasks to individuals and teams, and monitoring project status. The software integrates with well-known task management, communication, and accounting apps such as Asana, Slack, and Freshbooks.

Kickidler also uses a keylogger to record everything your employee types on their computer. You can also set up violation triggers by creating a filtered list of programs, files, websites, etc. With this information, you can identify which employee needs motivation, which deserves a reward, and what strategies and plans you have to keep your employees on top of their performance. Tanda is a workforce application designed to automate administrative tasks in order to help your HR staff focus on other critical concerns of the organization. Tanda also automatically manages and creates rosters based on customer demand, staff availability, and budget constraints in minutes using customizable templates.

You can also publish the roster for your employees to know their schedule. Attendance tracking and leave management with Tanda are also fully automated. Wage calculation is automated and equipped with an award interpretation engine that monitors and adjusts base rates, allowances, and higher duty rates. The tool automatically syncs with your payroll system. And with a quote-based pricing system, Tanda allows you to choose the features and add-ons you need based on the size of your business.

Hubstaff targets businesses with employees who work on the field and other remote locations. Payments are sent to employees on time. Hubstaff integrates with Salesforce and Humanity, as well as with Zendesk and Freshdesk. Hubstaff is free for a single user who only requires access to time tracking, tracking activity levels based on mouse and keyboard usage, and limited screenshots. With your employees clueless that they are being monitored, you will get a more accurate picture of how they spend their working hours.

Aside from monitoring, ActivTrack is also equipped with tools that let you enforce compliance to company rules and regulations.

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Triggers can be set to automatically block access to forbidden websites, files, and applications so your employees can focus on their tasks without these distractions. The software has a mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

You can get ActivTrak for free but if you would like to request pricing for custom plans, you need to contact the vendor. Aside from monitoring employees, this tracking application also ensures that all projects are progressing down the right track and do not go over the set budget in real time. You are also assured that the employees are not working the entire time and also take necessary breaks.

You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare. Teramind by Teramind 53 reviews. Learn more about Teramind Take our Free Trial to see what the buzz is about. Learn more about Teramind Teramind provides a user-centric security approach to monitor employee's PC behavior. Time Doctor by Time Doctor reviews.

Learn more about Time Doctor A time tracking and employee monitoring software that is accurate and helps you to know if your team is really working productively. Learn more about Time Doctor Time Doctor is an employee monitoring software with accurate time tracking that helps you know if your team is really productive.

Work Examiner by EfficientLab 2 reviews. Learn more about Work Examiner Computer and internet monitoring software for employee work time usage tracking. ActivTrak by Birch Grove Software reviews. Learn more about ActivTrak Free way to see who is doing what and for how long. Learn more about ActivTrak ActivTrak is a FREE comprehensive cloud-based analytics service that allows businesses to gain insights on and improve employee productivity. Learn more about WebWork Time Tracker WebWork Time tracker provides the easiest way to understand the productivity of work, calculate working time and time spent on each task.

Toggl by Toggl reviews. View Profile. Learn more about Toggl Leading cloud based time tracking software for small and big teams. SkypeTime by Hardpoint reviews. Learn more about SkypeTime Collects statistics and build reports of the employee's work based on the employee's presence status Skype for Business. Berqun by Sword-it 38 reviews. DeveLoop by Sproutlogix 34 reviews.

WorkTime Corporate by NesterSoft 32 reviews. Learn more about WorkTime Corporate Software designed to monitor computer, employee and application activities. CleverControl by CleverControl 7 reviews. Learn more about CleverControl Cloud-based employee monitoring system for employee scheduling and internet usage control.

AeroAdmin - free employee monitoring software

Aeroadmin by Aeroadmin 7 reviews. Learn more about Aeroadmin Cloud employee monitoring solution that connects to computers of your office or remote employees and tracks all their activity. Ekran System by Ekran System 4 reviews. StaffCop by Atom Security 4 reviews. Learn more about StaffCop Employee monitoring solution that helps with feature such as user behavior analysis, productivity tracking and investigation tools.

Bandicam Screen Recorder by Bandicam Company 3 reviews. Learn more about Bandicam Screen Recorder Lightweight screen recorder for Windows that can capture anything on your computer screen. Learn more about BlurSpy - Best Parental Control Software Employee monitoring and parental control software to discreetly monitor the activities of employees and kids.

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OsMonitor by Wangya Computer 2 reviews. Learn more about OsMonitor OsMonitor is designed for network computer monitoring. ScreenshotMonitor by ScreenshotMonitor 2 reviews.

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Learn more about ScreenshotMonitor Cloud-based time tracking tool that captures screenshots of remote employees' screens, monitors tasks and generates reports. Learn more about iMonitor EAM Professional Easy-to-use surveillance software that provides a solution to monitor employees for enterprises of any size.